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    Cost to rebuild 02 RX Di?

    I need to know what it would cost apprx. for a full engine rebuild on an 02 RX DI version? Is it more than the carbed version?

    Also if the machine is sold with the motor disassembled in a bunch of pieces in a box is it hard for a mechanic to rebuild it and put it back together? I am trying to figure out if this RX I found is worth my time or just a can of worms waiting to open. All advice is welcome. Thanks ahead of time guys.

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    engine is easy to assemble and would not cost much more because it's DI..

    But a box full of engine parts is just that a box of parts.. Not worth much, maybe core value - unless you have enough usable parts to warrent re-assemble..

    I'd figure the value of the ski - minus the cost of an engine..

    SBT sells rebuilt long blocks starting at $1600

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    IMO stay away from the DI' the few i have experienced you either get a good one and have very few problems or you will be chasing gremlins the entire life of the ski...

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