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    SHO HKS BOV Question

    My Hks blow off valve wasn't working,my mechanic removed the check valve/ filter or whatever that little black &white/clear inline thing is that is on the vacuum line going from the intake manifold to the BOV. He said it was bad. One problem is ,is that I don't think it is an original part. He hooked the line up without the valve/filter and it worked fine. I bought the BOV used from a member on the forum,so I have no idea if the part is right.

    So my questions are:

    1) Is it a filter or a check valve?

    2) Can I use a check valve From the help section at Advance Auto parts (I found an exact match to the one that was on there) ?

    3) If this is a check valve and I can put the new one on, what direction does the check valve need to go?

    Thanks in advance guys, I want to fix it in the morning and test her out....

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    That valve went bad? huh... maybe the filter element in it got clogged. It is a stock item with the Riva HKS bov kit. You don't need to run it IMO, but I think a lot of people run it anyways. I may be wrong, but I think it is non-directional.

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    Thank you.

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