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    So took part in my first race the other week (in-fact first time i had ever seen a ski race!) in runabout stock - novice. I was the only N/A ski being on my 15f (against 300x's and rxp's etc) so was never in contention for a race win but had an absolute blast! Also had my first ride on a 300x after the racing and have decided that one is definatly in my future. Pretty keen to race again but want to be more competative.
    Now I see an absolute deal on a 300 and the guy is keen to part trade a 15f but we've just signed up to build a house so the wife has put a stop to me doing anything silly.

    Life, why are you so cruel!!!!!!

    p.s. I was second in class for the day after my beautiful, reliable 15f drove straight through the smoke clouds generated by the doo's

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    Good deal! Congrats. Racing is definately a bug that's hard to get rid of.

    I'm sure after your house is done, you can find some room in your budget for a 300. Or you could just not listen to your wife ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirbreaksalot View Post
    same thing always happens to me when I go out to town with the guys

    I always find the love of my life at the strip club:yay2: ............. and my wife always says NO I cant bring her home .

    Dam that bitch

    Yea well stop going to the male strip club and she might say yes.

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