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    2000 sea doo gtx millineum

    Hey guys new to the board i just got a 2000 gtx millineum edition sea doo. Red and
    black in color. This will be my first pwc so i dont have any
    experience with them. If anyone has any good info on them
    its be great i was told to look into when wear rings and stuff needed replaced. The overall condition is really good it looks very clean. It has 130 hours on it which iw
    high but alot lower than anything i found in my price range. I purchased the jet ski and a double trailer for 3300 and it comes with some extras.

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    replace the tempo grey fuel lines and make sure the carbs are cleaned and use fresh fuel, bad fuel is the downfall of the two stroke ski !!! use good injection oil too

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    How about power on these guys? is it capable of pulling a tube good? how about towing a small boat if necessary? curious of the limitations.

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    People have been known to tube, ski and wake board off the back..

    Law states you must have an observer along with the driver and room on the boat for the person(s) being towed..

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    If it has the 951 on the back you will have no problem towing. I have a 2002 GTX DI. It has the heavier 4-tec hull and it has no problem pulling a tuber or wake boarder.

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