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    Seadoo GSX Rfi 98', Wont take rpm. MAX 2400 in the water?

    Hi all, I really need some experties here!

    I have a SeaDoo GSX RFI from 1998.
    Engine : The silver Rotax 781cc

    Issue: The engine starts well, and on the trailer it takes fine RPM on the trailer, and idles fine. But when i put into the water it cant get in speed the max RPM is 2400 presise!

    Engine status:
    Both cylinders has Compression: 13 bar = 190PSI
    Engine hours: 15-20
    RAV Valve's: Cleaned and checked
    SparkPlugs: Bran new and replaced
    Spark: spark on both cylinders
    Coil: Replaced with another one, no difference.
    Cheked injectors and injector bar and cleaned it.
    Fuelpump works fine.

    What can it be?

    Does it has a "emergenzy mode" ( limp mode )? Or a falirue program on the "computer"

    Battery is OK, not completly good but it can start the engine.

    What do you say! Any sugestions are welcome!

    video of it here:

    Thanks!!! - Nicolaj , Denmark

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    did this just start all of a sudden? Or?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim View Post
    did this just start all of a sudden? Or?
    Bourght it this Way so dont know...

    Have Reed something about the TPS...?

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    have you put a programmer on it to look at the codes?

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    any lights going off on the dash?

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    Is it charging? This 787 engines need good voltage to operate.

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    Check your rectifier!

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    This is news:

    Fried my computer because of the "JUMP-STARTER "

    The ski has been to a Mechanic he has been doing following:
    Changing TPS sensor
    New Sparkplugs
    New COIL
    Erased all Computer failures

    This is status: Still defekt, it wont run on the front cylinder. I will check the rectifier next time, if you have any other good idea's let me know

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    Btw: im thinking of changing the "Computer-Box" in the front ( E-BOX ) if i do that i Need a new key right ?

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    The best advice I can give you is sell it man I had one same thing done everything still nothing ever changed I just had to chalk it up on mine and sell it

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