Hi all, I really need some experties here!

I have a SeaDoo GSX RFI from 1998.
Engine : The silver Rotax 781cc

Issue: The engine starts well, and on the trailer it takes fine RPM on the trailer, and idles fine. But when i put into the water it cant get in speed the max RPM is 2400 presise!

Engine status:
Both cylinders has Compression: 13 bar = 190PSI
Engine hours: 15-20
RAV Valve's: Cleaned and checked
SparkPlugs: Bran new and replaced
Spark: spark on both cylinders
Coil: Replaced with another one, no difference.
Cheked injectors and injector bar and cleaned it.
Fuelpump works fine.

What can it be?

Does it has a "emergenzy mode" ( limp mode )? Or a falirue program on the "computer"

Battery is OK, not completly good but it can start the engine.

What do you say! Any sugestions are welcome!

video of it here:

Thanks!!! - Nicolaj , Denmark