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    97 gp760 stalls at idle

    well took out my new to me gp760 for the first time. it ran great idling out to the river and at WOT in the river, on the idle back it just died on me. had to give it a little throttle to get it running and keep it running. would die if i let off throttle, also wont stay running on trailer now either.
    has new plugs and gas. im not sure when the carbs were last cleaned or rebuilt. will be rebuilding the carbs soon. anything else that may cause this? just strange it ran great up until the idle back to the ramp.

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    Check the compression just to make sure the motor isn't hurt, then rebuild the carbs like you're planning.

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    forgot to mention i forgot to add the stabil. would ethanol gunk it up that quick?

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    and anyone know what the fuse behind the screw cover does? mines not in there and the service manual doesnt say(not that i saw at least) and what does it connect to if i were to replace it?

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    ok. rebuilt the carbs, only sorta helped the issue, it doesnt quite die idling.
    cant seem to get the engine to catch unless i squeeze the throttle a bit, then have to keep on the throttle for just a bit to keep it running. itll idle after the initial run, but hard starts regardless if i just had it running 5 seconds ago

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    it was deff the plugs. looks like im running rich and fouled em up. with new plugs, started right up, no hesitation

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