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    96' HX Fuel Issues Please Help.....

    I have a 96' HX very hard starting and once the machine does start it seems to load up. Rebuilt the carbs thinking that would help my problem but didn't after the rebuild I set all of my adjustment screws to stock but same issues. I bought a new higher compression head for the ski put it on ran great out of the water put it in the water ran for about 30 seconds died and never started in the water again. Pulled it out of the water thinking the only logical answer is a leaky head gasket pulled the head and I was correct so put the stock head back on and now I am back to hard starting and it seems like it is loading up with fuel any ideas out there is it my carb tuning causing the issues maybe to rich? It kind of seems logical with the higher compression head it would help in burn the fuel more efficiently? Well any info would be greatly appreciated. Also just FYI I have changed all of the fuel intake lines but ran out before getting the return lines changed and also changed the rotary valve and it set to stock timing. Please help I really don't want to have to bring it to a dealer it will take precious riding time away.

    Thanks, Jim

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    Do you check or replace the needle and seat. Have you checked the pop off pressure? If it is loading with fuel then you could have a leaky seat or pop of pressure is to low.

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