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    head gasket and head cover gasket

    when installing a head gasket and a head cover gasket on a gp1200 the gaskets have a raised section on one side, my question is which side faces up the raised side or the does the indention side face up? i think the head gasket will only install one way so the bolt patterns will line up but i am unsure about the head cover gasket. any help will be appreciated. i was also wondering if i should use some kind of sealant like gasket maker or sealant spray on the gaskets before installing.

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    The head cover gasket will only go on one way as well it has the little circle part that goes to cylinder #1. Are these new OEM metal style gaskets? if so I use a light film of marine grease to help them seal. This also gives me an opportunity to use them more than once should I need to pull them. Make sure all mating surfaces are clean and free of an debris or old gasket material.

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