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    MSX 150 problem!

    Hello, Ive got a problem with my MSX 150, again.

    I went out last week for about 1hr when the oil lamp suddenly flashed, this was the 2nd time on water since complete rebuilt of engine and pump. I stopped it immediately and got towed home. Found a leaking oil hose, replaced it and filled oil in it again. Yesterday I went out again for about 30min, got home and checked the oil level and it was good.

    Before I went out this morning again I checked the oil level, but I barely came out on the water. After a couple of minutes I noticed that when I held the trottle handle steady the rpms went up and down, maybe 100-300, and the ski was twitching a little bit. I released the trottle and the engine died at once. Then it wouldnt turn around again, it just "clicked" quite loud from the engine when I hitted the start button, Im pretty sure that it wasnt from the starter, somewhere further back in the enginebay. Maybe 1 of 5 on the start button the engine could turn around, but just about 1 turn, then it got stuck again.
    Well, towed home again and once at the garage again the engine cranked freely. I took the pump off and it has no damages. With the spark plugs out I can turn the engine with my hand without any problem.

    I looked down in the cylinders with a small camera, but cant see any damages on the pistons or the valves. And the valve timing seems good, its hard to say when I cant see the timing dots on the crankshaft.

    Anyone got some ideas why the engine got stuck? Or maybe a cheap seadoo 255 engine? Im tired of this weber, it has only been a piece of problem.


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    Hi Cmizzer... I was reading your previous MSX150 threads. You've had your hands full with your ski.

    Your current problem sure sounds like a weak battery... or bad connections/ground. The clicking sounds was probably the starter relay which is next to the ECU above the battery. A weak battery *could* have caused the ski to run funny (I'm not positive... but I know it happens on some cars). If not the battery... could be the starter relay... or could be the starter itself.

    One of your original threads... you had low oil pressure trouble and milky oil. Did you ever figure out what that was? Or is that what prompted your rebuild?

    Good luck

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    I agree clean battery terminals. I thought i had a bad battery but when i had the seat off and tried to start i could see the arc at the battery.

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    Well, the battery was not the problem. I have the engine in parts now, and the problem were a con rod that was stuck on the crankshaft. Havent really found out what caused it yet, since I messaured the oil clearence with new bearings when I rebuilt the eninge and that were good. Maybe it was because of the low oil pressure problem I had before.

    Luckily the crankshaft is repairable, will only need a new con rod and bearings.

    Thanks anyway for the answers.

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