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    need some help please!!!

    i have a 2000 seadoo xp that starts and idles fine on the water, and when you hit the throttle the rpms jump and it takes off just fine but a few seconds later the rpms drop down to between 2 and 3000 rpms and a few seconds after that it will pick back up and reach full speed. the carbs were just cleaned and all fuel lines have been replaced previously, raves are also clean. any help would be much appreciated

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    Check the fuel valve inside. Also you can try if you had a primer kit installed prime it when the ski dies to see if pick's power again. Do the same whit the choke plates (pull it a little to restrict air flow. If the engine response the fuel sistem needs tune in some point. What color do the plugs have after running ?

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    sounds like you have to pull the carbs again. ive cleaned fuel systems before and had to clean the screens again because when I cut the new lines debris fell in the lines and plugged the screens in the carbs again. as posted above clean the fuel selector if you havent already

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