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    Is this a water leak or is it normal?

    Hey everyone. Took the raider to the water today, left on the trailer and ran it in the water for the first time. Ran for about 20 minutes straight. Started right up and throttle response was very good. Really tried to move the trailer around. Anyways, when I got back home I flushed the engine out. I guess I didnt notice this before, but when running on the garden hose, the water comes out and pours off of the pro tec ride plate. But, its also coming out where the ride plate bolts up toward the front of the ski by im assuming the intake grate. Is there a gasket sealing the ride plate, or is it a gasket for the intake grate? Or is it ok for it to leak there?

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    the "leaks" you are decribing are normal while on the hose.. water that would normaly be pressurized and cooling your engine is now being suppleyed by the hose,backfilling your system..thru gavity it fills the engines water intake hose at the side of the pump then falls onto the plate and then off... the volume typically isnt great enough while on the hose to give you a pisser indicater off the head outlet hose, so it shows at the next lowest point..

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    Alright thanks a lot man you guys are great

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