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    Redeeming qualities for MSX 110 / 150 ??

    Are there any redeeming qualities to the MSX 110/150 or all they all just ticking time bombs?
    I would really like to pick up an MSX this year, but from what I have read those webber engines are junk.

    I do like the thought of turbo though. Are there boost upgrades that can be done or anything?
    Speed compared to the 140?

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    I think the 140 and 150 are very much on par in stock form. 140 will give you less potential headaches that is what I would go for. You also have a lot more parts interchange with other Polaris models whereas the 110/150 only the pump is interchangeable on the mechanical side. For example, I needed a new intake manifold for my 140 and I can use any domestic tripple manifold from 96 onwards. A lot more flexibility there.

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    I just got an MSX 150 last week... fix-er-upper. It is a complex beast to be sure.

    -There are ECU reflash options available for more boost on the stock turbo, as well as reflashes to work with larger turbos.
    -The Weber 750 turbo 4-stroke engine sips gas compared to it's 2-stroke cousins.
    -When they run right, their owners LOVE them... sadly there's a large number who don't run right.
    -Parts are not as plentiful as the 2-strokes, but the same Weber engine was used in other applications (snow mobiles, other boats) so there are parts. Ebay usually has a machine or two being parted out.
    -There are Weber engine websites out there to get new parts as well.
    -There are expensive parts: short block, turbo, intercooler, ecu... and no other models (besides MSX110) to swap between.
    -It is a quieter, more environmentally friendly ski... just like the modern 4-strokes... if that's your thing

    If you like the MSX looks, but want a simpler engine... go with the MSX 140.

    That said... I'm hoping to sort mine out and bring it back to life!


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