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    2004 XLT 1200 low on power

    I have two identical 1200's, I did carb rebuilds on both, the red one runs great 61 mph. did the same to the grey and it ran terrible, no power, set the power valves, new reeds, accelerator pump is working, it starts and idles perfect and runs smooth but just no power maybe 35 mph. I have had this apart 3 times, what could I be missing? I checked the comp. and to me it is low at 100-105 all three cylinders, but the red one is the same and it runs great tons of power. CDI box perhaps? I can borrow it from the red but havent tried that yet.

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    Have you checked the prop? did you tune the carbs when you changed the reeds or did you stay OEM? Mine is doing the same thing. I rebuilt the carbs but I dont think I needed to.

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    Prop is clean and great condition, carbs are stock, with a slightly richer screw setting to compensate for ethynol fuel. I did replace the cat with a D-plate and temp sensor chip, the cat was in rough shape, so I had to eliminate it. The red ski still has the cat and runs great.

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    Check your spark plugs, if one is wet you may have bad boot, or possibly a sticking needle valve, did you check pop off pressure, when you rebuilt carbs?

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