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    Oil in air intake ?

    Just Picked up my 05 rxp and took it for a quick spin on the lake,seemed to run great and accelerated hard to ju st under 7o mph.was really pleased how it ran. Because the ski has 100 hours on it and owner was not sure if supercharger had been rebuilt based on advice from the forum I have already picked a new x charger.

    I. Just pulled the air intake off and a small amount of oil came out of the air intake, I checked the impeller and it does not spin . Will the new charger fix this issue with oil in the intake or will I need more parts. Also is 1600 rpm idle speed normal
    this is our fist ski thanks for any help,ski will sit at the lake fr few more weeks before I can come back to change the charger so I want to order any other p,arts ght need before I ccome back

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    If your ski still has the stock air intake system.... some oil will be normal, as the crank case ventilation is pulled back through there. Engine idle should be 1800 rpm.

    Make sure you install 42# injectors with that X charger!

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    42# injectors will be a must. that seems a bit low for idle, mine seems to always idle at 1700-1800 rpms

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    Thanks, the ski still has stock air intake system, the oil that came out was very clean so that would be good if this normal. I also picked up 42 lb injectors as well that will go in with the x charger along with a 15 20r solar impeller. Ski was a blast to ride today can't wait to ride it with more boost and no have to worry about the charger coming apart atleast do a while

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    Idle was probably closer to 1700 to 1750 this just seemed high to me as the ski moved pretty quick around the docks but agin good to hear this is normal
    Thanks for the quick replies. I tried to get some info frm the dealer and it was waste of time, he wanted me to bring it in for service and they would do some fuel pressure test and test the check valves, I said thanks an I will think about it.

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    Hi Edge,

    How much is a little oil?
    The crank case via the rocker cover is plumbed into the air intake. When the engine gets hot, the oil vapour is drawn into the air intake. This is the oil you see.
    Many people use a "catch can" to avoid the oil going back into the intake.

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    Around 3/4 ounce I would guess. Oil is bright red any idea what brand it would be?

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    I am thinking I will add a catch can to my mod list as well now

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    Quote Originally Posted by edge View Post
    Oil is bright red any idea what brand it would be?
    Engine oil is bright red???

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    Bright red oil??

    Also 05 models are known to have valve issues.
    I'd replace them if you do any mods ....
    Even if u didn't do mods I'd replace them.

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