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    Given a 1995 Polaris what?

    Saw a similar thread so I will post this using that as a template.

    Ski: 1995 Polaris SLT750
    Current Registration sticker: 2007
    Condition: Was sitting in open faced garage for a few years, inch of dust on it
    Location: Shreveport, La
    Water type use: Freshwater
    Engine looks stock and clean
    Slight corrosion on spark plugs
    Battery was disconnected, assuming its shot
    Throttle and choke are super smooth
    Plenty of Oil
    According to previous owner the ski ran great, they just stopped using it and its sat in garage ever since
    Personal mechanical Savviness: Relatively savvy

    My goal for her: Something to have fun on with friends, and going to use it for Skurfing (Pulling a surfboard on a ski rope).

    My current plan of action: PB Blast the Spark plugs for a day or three then replace them, replace battery, fill with gas and see if she will crank. If she cranks then I will change oil and spark wires. Fill her up with ethanol free gas/ Lucas fuel treatment, hook her up to hose and let her run for about 20 minutes. Then Lake time.

    I have a feeling that my current plan of action is just wishful "wouldn't it be nice if it were that simple" thinking.

    Any recommendations on what to do or what to check before I try to get her running?

    Thank you


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    Ok 1st thing you have to know, there is no way you can run your ski for twenty min on a hose, you will simply burn the jet pump to pieces and probably the motor. You can run it maybe 2 min and thats it, basically for checking that it runs and flushing it out after rides.

    If it was given to you then you have $0 invested in the ski, that is good because your really going to have to spend some money here or you'll likely blow this thing up. I can tell from the way you talk you know about cars, this 2 stoke is so far from a car motor in certain ways its not funny. Your ski has no oil at least not in the crank case, its mixes automatically with the gas via the oil resivor. Also even if the plugs are rusty your head is aluminum so they should just turn right out without Pb Blaster. You really dont replace the plug wires on these ski's usually just cut them back a "1/4 if needed but I would wait to see if it runs first.

    Read this link it will help alot.

    I would also highly suggest putting a triple outlet fuel pump on your ski as does everyone else in this fourm The single outlets have a problem with often burning up motors due to faulty fuel delivery.

    I would also re-build the carbs as your ski has been sitting long enough I'm sure they need it and trust me if you dont and they need it YOU WILL blow the motor. Yours are the $150 which also include the needle and seat. You can find re-build kits on E-Bay cheaper but there not genuine Mikuni Kits and they suck, and they also come with about 10,000 other parts you dont need.

    Your going to need new upper gaskets as well.

    Lastly I would replace all oil and fuel lines or block off the oil injection and run pre-mix. You can buy the fuel line at your local parts store and if you choose to keep the oil lines then you will have to get them somewhere else but Im not sure where.

    I would just call John Zigler who owns Watcon/Rock County Jet Skis Rock County Jet Ski / WATCON
    608-743-1305 9am-5pm central time mon-fri
    please email; [email protected]

    All in all your looking at maybe $300 or less. Not bad for a free ski and trust me its worth it and probably necessary. Good Luck

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    Awesome, thank you for the info. Wednesday I am going to see if she will crank. If so I will do all the upgrades/replacements that you mentioned. This is a budget build, so if I can keep it under $300 then that will be great.

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