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    Two skis running rich

    96 XP and 97 GSI once again giving me fits. After removing the pipe on the 97 to pull the motor (loose motor on the mount plate and oil leaks) ski now has an exhaust leak. Could this cause it to run rich? It also is losing some rpm up top (will not peak and hold so to speak). Pulled the plugs and they are pretty wet/black. I have yet to check compression but it feels ok. The single carb has been disassembled and cleaned. The feed and return fuel lines have been replaced. Any suggestions on why it could be running so rich?

    For the 96 it runs on the trailer but not so well in the water. Put new plugs in it yesterday (the plugs that came out were wet/black) and it ran for 25 to 30 minutes. Problem is that it takes about 15 seconds to clean up. Hold the throttle wide open and it hesitates then gets going. The ski does not like cruising. It is either wide open or nothing. Took a break after the 25 minutes and the ski would not start back up. Had to be towed back to the ramp. This ski has had the carbs cleaned about 2 years ago and all new fuel lines installed at that time. Also has a new rectifier and stator. Have not checked compression on this one yet either.

    This is the second ride for the GSI and the first for the XP since getting out of storage. Any/all suggestions are appreciated.

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    Did anyone adjust the High Speed Screws I know on most models the High speed screw should be Lightly seated at 0 turns. Or maybe your popoff is to low on the carbs.

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    I am the only one that has touched them. If any screws or jets got messed with it was me by accident. Thats kinda why I'm frustrated with as it was just a disassemble, clean and reassemble. Any opinions on the pipe? And the XP when it was put up did just fine...just need a rectifier and stator. I don't get it.

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