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    Boy 14, Killed While Riding JetSki

    Woke up to this story on the cover of my news paper.

    Southold Town Police said Dominick Trionfo of Middle Island was riding a Jet Ski when he collided with the anchor chain of his family’s boat shortly before 2 p.m.

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    My heart goes out to that poor kids family.

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    I feel bad for his family, but I guess that boating class didnt teach him a damn thing about being a responsible boater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XLT Chad View Post
    My heart goes out to that poor kids family.
    +1 that is a tragedy.
    The article says that up until 2005, NY allowed 10 year olds to operate a ski...

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    I've always wondered why, like a car/bike test, their isn't some type of buoy/water course test? I know the very first time I got on a ski, I nearly learned the hard way that to make a sharp hard turn means more power - which usually occurs in a situation when my first instinct was to instead slow down.

    These online boaters test don't mean crap when it comes to piloting. My condolences to the family...

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