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    thinking about 2003 4-Tec skis

    Hey all, I might be purchasing some 2003 4-Tecs with my dad. I have read about the exhaust valves dropping, but is there anything else I should watch out for? What are some common issues with these skis?

    The skis has 50 hours on them, and the SC's have never been rebuilt. This would be my main concern.

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    Do a good look over, pulling the plugs to look at them, and scope the cylinders if you can. Look at oil, (plastic) pump should be replaced with aluminum, wear ring, prop, etc.

    TEST RIDE IT !!!!!

    Make sure it runs 7600 RPM, or close to it.

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    sc's are not so bad, that year they didnt have the ceramic clutches, so no danger of catastrophic failure. eventually the sc just starts to slip, rpms drop and its time for an upgrade/rebuild kit. the sc's should go to 100hrs + be fine they need attention.
    test ride,
    check rpm's 7500+
    check for codes
    feel for cavitation, likely it will be there. plan on wear ring replacement or at least the flip over trick.
    if you get good at pulling pump and flipping the wear ring, its alot cheeper than buying an aluminum pump upgrade.
    make sure steering is loose, the original steering cable can get tight and will need to be replaced.

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