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    Any idea what happened to this piston ?? pics inside.

    Just opened up the top end of a ski I just bought not running and found the piston like this. Any ideas ?? I am starting to rebuild it and would like to know your guys opinions of what may have caused this.

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    Phew thats a hot spot. What does your cylinder look like? What does the plug look like? Maybe running lean and not enough water going through the cooling system? Are your oil lines attached to the carbs?

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    This is from a ski I picked up not running and the plugs were out and gone when I bought it. The cylinder has some alum. deposit on it and there is a fairly good nick/scrape out of the nikisel just above the exhaust port.

    Looks like I have to add a carb rebuild to my list of things to do before I get this thing running

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    Leaned out, got super hot, burned a hole in the piston. There is metal in the engine somewhere, definitely time for a total rebuild. Or just buy a new engine.

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    Rebuilding the engine as we speak. Is the drive coupling a standard thread or reverse ??


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    Keep in mind that the drive is fastening itself on its own torque.. that way you allways get it the right way..

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    That's normal thread.. spin left to get it off

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    Lean condition , and might head air leak

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    That looks like a bad exhaust gasket. A 2 stroke will scorch the piston like that if the exhaust leaks right next to the cylinder. It causes a very hot spot.

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