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    Fuel lines for boats?

    boat manufacturers are required to use A1 and B1 certified fuel hose in retrospect to their uses.
    After reading several thread in regards to fastflowfuel lines, I could not find anywhere that it is stated to be USCG approved or fed gov`t approved.
    I did however come across this information on the web:
    be sure to click next at the bottom of the page to continue reading.

    Although many jet ski`s use poly/tygon line with various types of clamps from zips to oeitkers, it looks like the Boats are specific to USCG approved hoses and pertain to fed law.

    My main concern is the % of ethanol in fuels and deterioration of a lesser hose.

    so it does appear that I need to replace any and all hoses with approved hoses.

    any comments or added info in appreciated...
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