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    Kawa 250x 2008 running problem(ONLY 4000RPM) CHANGED PLUGS NEED HELP!!!

    I recently bought a 250x had it on the water once ran for ten minutes with no problems then it wouldent rev past 4000rpm so brought it home changed the plugs any ideas for me as i stay in scotland and theres no kawa dealers around lol

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    Sc or sc belt if u have changed plugs. Need to check to make sure it's making full boost

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    what is the sc belt? this is my first jetski and just starting out

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    sc belt is the supercharger belt that is connected to the engine pulley.
    Maybe the belt is worn out, proper tension is gone and needs to be tightened up, etc.
    Get a service manual.

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    dude read my post on my supercharger and watch my videos.. i have a 08 ultra 250x and it was the same deal.. i replaced the sc and pushed the button and its mint... watch my before and after videos and u will see what im on about.. the first video its at full throttle and it doesnt do shit.. sits at 4k rpm.. Also wtf are u doing with that in scotland. pure freezing there man.. what part of scotland btw?

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    hey peeps rite i know what the sc my god i am thick rite so all i need to do is check tht belt and if it needs replaced or tightend please tell me you didnt change the full unit to fix this probs i only bought it two weeks ago lol and the company have seized trading:Oi live in a little town called newmains not far from glasgow closest place to go is loch lomand lol

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    i changed the whole unit.. belt also. if the belt isn't slipping take the rear fat hose of the sc and dc the belt.. if it revs up high Id say u need a new supercharger.. these things are a ball ache. supercharger will be around a thousand quid mate.. how much did u pay for ur ski btw? also... isn't fuel like 1.70 a liter for high octane there? lol ouch this things going to nip ur wallet. i used to live in inverness. cold for skis there 4 sure.

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