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    Any thoughts very new

    I'm looking at buying two skis a 99 ultra 150 and a 97 1000. Both skis on a nice aluminum trailer. We took them out last night for about a hour me and a buddy the ultra was really hard starting when started it sounded a lil weird and i called him he said it was fine the checked them out and did maintenance on both. The 1100 fired right up and ran great it also has that kats system on it. The ultra seemed slow and could barely keep up with 1100. Speedo read about 45 to 55 on glassy lake (im a big guy 6' 265 lil bit of meathead lol) but i figured it would be faster. The 1100 would almost whip it the rider on that was almost same size in the end we called it a short night and loaded them up. He wants 3500 with trailer wjat does everyone think

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    Ultra has 124 hours and not sure about 1100 he thinks around 150

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    The Ultra should leave the 1100 in the dust. Something wrong, and Ultras are expensive to fix. I would not pay much at all for an Ultra that didn't run properly, but a good one is a helluva 'Ski. Hard cold starting is a common Ultra problem, primers sure help. Run a compression test. If they're not all pretty even, you could damage it by continuing to run it. It could have a fouled spark plug, or a carb slide that's not moving, or a damaged cylinder.

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