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    Primer Install/CV Carbs?

    Hey guys, i have been trying to figure this out for over a week. I have the dreaded cold start issue, and everyone is saying to install a primer kit. Ok, got that but a couple issues. It says not to install on CV carbs, now according to service manual, I dont have them, but according to people on the internet I do. Is there anyway to tell if i do or not by looking at them? I cant find this out anywhere. Also it says to tap the reserve line, here lies in the other problem, there is only one fuel line, and that comes off the switch for the main/res. The other is the return, so i guess i tap the main fuel line going to filter? Also has anyone done one of these in a 97 stx 1100 and where did you mount your primer plunger? do i also need to have the carbs tuned after doing this? The only way i can get this thing started is putting a small spray of starting fluid into the holes after taking out the spark plugs (i know this is not good). Any other help would be great.

    Top end rebuild was done last year (new crank shaft, and new pistons) also the ski has about 50 hours on it. Carbs have been cleaned and look fine. Filters have been replaced and plugs gapped properly and new.

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    The CV carbs were used in 1998 models and later. Unless yours have been changed, they should NOT be CV carbs.

    Yep, the selector on the STX is inside the tank, only one hose. You'll have to use the fuel supply hose. Don't use the return hose because it will just suck air from the top of the tank.

    I made a bracket for my primer that mounts on the front of the engine where the throttle & choke cables mount. I used a 1/8" stainless steel strap, 2" wide, and used slightly longer bolts (Kawi # 155R0820). I don't have a picture. I left the chokes in and drilled holes in the elbows on each end of the intake manifold balance tube and put in fittings there (1/8" NPT x 1/8" barb). Make sure you use a BRASS T for splicing into the supply hose. The plastic fittings have been known to break.

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