hello been working vey slowly on my xlt1200 hull with a mr-1 conversion. looking to see if anyone might know what driveshaft to use with the 4 stroke mid bearing (fx Ho) and the ho pump but with no pump spacer? the fx driveshaft i have is same length and splines as the xlt1200 driveshaft i have. tried it on the ski today and i have to use the spacer. what ski has a shorter driveshaft that will allow me to run the ho pump, NO SPACER, and the fx ho 4 stroke mid bearing. Im asuming it might be from an early model gp but not sure, already rebuilt the pump once and not to happy i have to do it again to switch out the driveshaft. my hull is an 01 xlt1200 hull, with a fx ho mid bearing, fx ho transom plate, xlt ride shoe, and riva xlt1200 intake grate. hoping to fins a riva ride plate or a jims modded plate, but have to figure out the driveshaft issue first.