Well ,i overheated the MSX this weekend ,the previous owner installed a new piston and cylinder late last fall.When he put it back together i guess he pinched the 3/4 " hose running to the cooling rail. I found that no problem and rerouted the hose ,we ran it all weekend ran great,but ealiar today i towed my daughter in ,after some inspection i noced the oil line going to the middle cylinder melted to the block from the overheated engine.

Was'nt hard to tear down,center piston ,cylinder and crank is toast,just bad luck! Love the MSX ,Now what's the best option ,scrap it ,repair it or look for another complte motor.

Any advice would be appreciated!

.I was running a 50 to 1 premix but i guess these direct injection engines do not lubricate the crankcase,that melted hose screwed a good running machine