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    2004 MSX 110 wont run over 3500 RPM?

    Startes great and runs fine but when you give it gass it go to 3500 rpm and wont go any faster ?

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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    Sorry for your issues. You have a unique Polaris ski... only it and the '04 MSX 150 have the Weber 4-stroke, twin cylinder, turbo engine. That sorta makes these skis the red-headed step children around here... with not so many owners/experts as there are for all the 2-stroke cousins.

    There is a LOT of knowledge here in the forums, even for the MSX 110/150 skis... just gotta dig for it.
    Start your learning here:

    Then be sure to also search the 'MSX/Matrix' subforum... most MSX 110/150 threads are in there.

    As for your specific issue. Do you get the red flashing display light? Do you see any other icons/indicators appearing on the display that might be going along with red flashing light? Tell us more of your ski history. Just got it? Had it a while? Used to run great? First time running it?

    The MSX110/150 does limit RPMs under certain circumstances.

    Rpm limitation modes:
    ~ 1800: limp home mode when malfunction of drive by wire system
    ~ 2000: raw water supply not sufficient
    ~ 3000: engine overheat
    ~ 3400: reverse speed limitation (can be adjusted)
    ~ 4700: malfunction of boost system
    ~ 5500: rpm limitation during engine warm-up

    Maybe you have a bad reverse switch?

    Give us more info and we'll try to point you in the right direction.

    Good luck!

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    The 110 ran great and one week end it start great no warning lights but when you give it gas it just wont get up and go like its in limp mode with no warning lights ?

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    Was the jet ski rolled over in the water?
    Check oil level. Any milky looking oil on the dipstick?
    Pull the spark plugs. How do they look?
    Do a compression test on the cylinders... that will tell a lot
    Check wastegate rod connecting to turbo exhaust... and try to move the rod downwards an inch or so. It should move and snap back under spring pressure. The wastegates are known to stick.
    Pull turbo-to-intercooler hose off and check for heavy oil coating in hose.

    Let us know what you find.
    Good luck

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    Try bypassing the reverse switch( bottom of steering column)
    Simple test

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