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    Where is the best place to buy a rebuilt engine ?

    I want to buy a rebuilt engine for my XLT1200. I rebuilt it myself with a rebuilt SBT crank and now the crank is bad, so don't say SBT because i have had it with them, any other ideas?

    I dont have time for another rebuild so I just want to buy a rebuilt engine
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    James did call us saying he thought the crank was bad (purchased July 11). We were unable to get definition of what was wrong. We opened a claim for him to ship it to us for warranty. James requested that we give him a Premium Engine for the price of a Standard without any definition of what was wrong. When we did not agree, James said he was going to go onto Greenhulk and bash SBT. We will do our best to help James with his warranty as it is still valid, but we have limited information at this point as to what the issue is.

    Thank you,
    Jeremy SBT

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    The answer to the question, "Where is the best place to buy a rebuilt engine?" is no where. Well, ok, that not 100% true but its hard to find OEM quality or better unless you buy an engine from Yamaha (if they even sell a complete engine...not sure) or you build it yourself with high quality parts or you find someone on here you can trust.

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    I have rebuilt several engines for members, all have been higher horsepower modified big bore or ported engines.

    The thing that makes a difference in rebuilds is the quality of the pieces that go into the assembly. I use only the best parts and services available, as I do not want to do it twice.

    As for the Crankshaft it is the heart of your engine and quality should not be spared here. I use only new OEM crankshafts, or OEM crankshafts I have rebuilt by Crankworks as they have earned my trust over the years.

    There are other places that remanufacture crankshafts, that I have not tried. They may do as good a job, but Crankworks has earned my loyalty by providing stellar service and a consistant quality product over the years.

    Cylinder's I use Millenium Technologies to replate, same reasons as above.

    Pistons, when I can, I use Pro-X they have never let me down.

    Gaskets, OEM are the only way to go for head gaskets and cylinder base gaskets. I have a lot of luck using Gasket Technologies on other gaskets.

    As for assembly it is all about the details, everything must be clean. Mating surfaces, Threaded holes, fasteners, etc. Clearances must be checked between pistons and cylinders, ring gap etc.

    An engine assembled properly with good quality parts by a skilled technician will bring years of service life.

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    frankly speaking SBT doesn't need to go anywhere to "defend themselves"..anybody that has been around the block even once knows you get exactly what you pay for in this business. What you get with an SBT motor is a running engine with a warranty against stupidity. What you get when you do it yourself is a great motor but at a much higher cost and no "free shortblock" if an oil line comes off.

    Now to qualify, I got a rat SBT engine a couple of seasons ago that cost me lots of money and almost a customer ( rotarty valve seal came out and dumped a galon + of seadoo $yynthetic in a hull on a holiday weekend ( after running about 3 hours)...but I will still use them as I can't warranty against stupid. For my own skis I'll buy the best parts I can afford and hope I don't %^%^^& up along the way. A $2000 budget on a 951 di goes a long way

    I asked for and got them to cover the shipping on the return motor ( not their policy btw) so SBT can be fair when presented with a verifiable claim. I've had other bitcth issues with them over a common issue regarding position of pulse fittings and so on, but I know what I'm dealing with.

    There are a gaggle of shops that build engines with your core and now and then you can buy a complete running motor out of a wreck..but those are few and far inbetween but in m line of work I prefer having SBT cover the stupidity angle while I show my faith by not charging for labor if the motor fails within 30 days. you don't run a business so cheap that it will fail, but you have to make a profit or everbody loses their job.

    For ever stinker we read about I have no doubt there are at least 20 folks ( likely more) who were satisfied with what the got. While SBT likel won't disclose their failure rate I can tell you in the electronics industry there are far more dogs then you might believe.

    it sucks to be on the wrong end of the stick now and then no doubt, but you have to be ready to work with your business partners and when you buy an SBT engine, they become partners in your enterprise.

    I bought a big lcd for my wife's pc and it crapped out a week later..Newegg rma's it, but I had to pay the shipping back..when I bitched, the arranged a pickup for me at no extra charge, but I knew I was getting a refurbed unit and not another brand new one. If I wanted another brand new box I would have had to buy it at a local retail store ( in our area walmart is the only game in town) Keeping expectations realistic is part of sleeping well at night.

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    Jeremy is a little off here. What I told SBT is that I had taken my ski to a factory dealer who told me the crank was bad, I have the work order with his comments that the crank was bad, but SBT didn't care, they wanted me to tear down the engine and send back the crank. I told SBT I already had 20 hours invested in rebuilding the old engine and didn't have the time to invest another 20 hours in another rebuild because their crank was bad, I made the following offer to them:

    I will pay for a premium rebuilt engine up front and ship my engine back as the core. If SBT, after recieving my engine core found that their crank was bad, were they willing to refund me the price difference between a premium engine and a standard ($300)? If they found their crank not to be bad, then keep the core and I have already paid them the full premium engine price.

    SBT was unwilling to do this, but insisted on me tearing the engine down and sending the crank back. If you note, there is no risk to SBT unless their crank actually is bad and they get paid full price up front. So basically to me they don't feel any guilt associated with their customers investing hours of time installing one of their parts that is bad.

    Also, I didn't say "bash SBT in Greenhulk" I only said I would share my experience, which I have.

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    James, there is obviously some miscommunication. If we had clearly understood that you were only looking for the evaluation, not a straight upgrade with no idea of why it failed, we would look at it, and still will.

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    Ive dealt with Sbt and they are a good group and will work with you.
    Sometimes you need to get your frustration out before talking to them so you can get the results your looking for.
    Just my thoughts...

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    id personally stay far away from sbt. find someone on here with credit and they will build or point you in the right direction.

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    ive read horror stories from engine rebuilders like sbt, short blocks r us, pwc engine, ect.

    if it were me replacing a whole motor and i didnt do it myself (like i have done) id send it to someone like osidebill, wfo, ect. if i can rebuild one, anyone can, its not hard when you take your time, clean things meticulously, read the forums, read your service manual and be careful.

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