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    96 slt 700 bilge pump

    On my 96 slt 700 I thought I had a bad bilge pump - bought another one only to find out the existing one works just fine when I hook it up to a 12v battery. Took the electrical box apart, the fuse is fine but I dont seem to be getting voltage to the pump. When "exactly" does the bilge pump get voltage? only when the ski is running - or does it remain on for a timed period after the start button is pressed or after the ski has been started and turned off? Also, is there any other reason I wouldn't see voltage on that orange wire in the elect box? (Ign update has been done on this ski and it runs fine)


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    Only when its running. Orange wire is only powered when the ski is running. The bilge pump runs all of the time when the engine is running.

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    does that same orange wire serve any other purpose on this ski?

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    Interesting, the factory manual doesn't show a bilge on the 96 SLT700, just the 96 SL700. The SLT only has an orange wire feeding a temp buzzer. So if you do in fact have an SLT (three Seater), then the bilge was added aftermarket...... On the SL700 diagram, the Trim, Bilge, and Temp buzzer all get power from the orange wire.... The diagram is a little strange though not really showing the orange wire connecting the trim / bilge switch to the LR Module....?

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    Weird that it does not show that for a 96 SLT 700. Yes it's definitely an SLT, and the bilge does not look like it was an after thought. The wiring from the box all looks original and I think the fuse says Bilge right on it in the box. Plus all the water hoses etc look original too. I just have to get it running and test for voltage on that wire.

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