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    MSX 110 problems

    This is my first post so im sorry if this is isnt in the right location.

    ok so i would love if i could get some assistance from you guys here on this forum. i have been looking all around the interenet for some answers and everyone here seemed to be the most helpfull/informational group so heres my issue.

    we got (me and my dad) 2 Polaris MSX110 from this guy that used to be a mechanic for a shop that repair/sold polaris (bikes, atv, pwc ect.) and he got to be the 2nd person to work on this msx110 but the prev guy had thrown abunch of parts and everything i dont quite remember but needless to say he ended up geting cut i believe so the guy that we bought it from got to work on it. then (i probably have the timeline wrong on this but im not so sure) the owner of these two pwc's that was sending them to this shop had taken his other ski out and cross almost like cross threaded from what it sounded like the plugs and ended up filling it up with water i believe up to the top of the engine when he got it out of the water. so this guy had a nice bill going with this shop and the mechanic offered to buy them off of the guy and which he did in plans to fix them up and keep/sell over time. but he ended up leaving that shop and got a new job that took up almost all his time so he ended up just selling the 2 skis. he did put some time into them but i dont know how much becuase as he was peiceing togeather ski with the mechanical problems he had found out the main problem being there was a fair amount of play in the turbo, so he knew it was in need of a turbo and left it half apart. i think thats pretty much the whole back story on these 2 trouble makers... oh and the one that got water in it i forgot his orig problem like right after he did it but the mechanic did pump out all the water in the cylinders and such then took it out to the lake to test it out to find that there is a pretty large amount of lag between throttle lever (on the handle, sorry i dont know its technical name) and the ski actually going. now i think thats all the back story... so now we have 2 polaris skis 1 that is togeather and one that isnt quite so togeather that came with a few totes of parts..

    now we got these back last year in about i want to say oct and havnt worked on them till now where we switched around the ECU on the wet/dry thinking that might have somthing to do with it and charged up a battery and thought we would try to start it (to clear up a little we are trying to get the ski that got wet running first) with forgeting most of what he said and the only thing that i could remember was somthing about him mentioning it backfired... so i atempted to start it and niple on the fuel injection braket was cracked then i touched it and it snapped off.. the clips on the fuel injectors looks a little corroded so i just went ahead and swapped the whole braket/injectors from the other ski and tryed to start it. So it was cranking for a bit then almost turned over so i tryed again and it turned over for half a second and it went off.. then pow it started up and didnt shut off right away i was extremely happy to think that there might only be a little minor problem and i would have a nice fancy polaris MSX 110 to ride but when i went to rev it a little it didnt respond so i bliped it to full and let go and then the motor reved way up and shut off.. it also when it reved up had alot of smoke come out of the exhaust and it smelled like oil i beileve. knowing that the over fill of oil was a big thing i disconnected the battery and checked the oil and on the dip stick there wasnt a drop of oil on it. so we walked away and knew we needed to do some research before doing anything else stupid and blowing this thing up.. so i was looking around these forums and i have yet to see anything about some one having throttle lag.. and the smoke (it was grey-ish white smoke and it looked like a 2 stroke how it lets off its smoke) i also had found a PPU interface siting in the front compartment so i had done some research up on it and no related problems of PPU and throttle lag.. (i assumed he might of swapped the PPU interfaces of the 2 Ski's or there would have been a check engine light that would have gone off or it wouldnt have started if there was no PPU interface plugged in??) oh and also between the first time i tryed to start it and replacing the injectors/braket there was a check engine light that went on and once i replaced it, it went away. (sorry if im geting off track and going all over the place im just trying to remember everything and make sure you guys know some of the back story of these units...) also today i went out to just see if i could see the PPU in the ski i checked the oil for the heck of it and there was oil up to the min mark on the stick and it was milky.. so i assume that there is still water/oil to pump out??

    ok.. now i think that is all the information i know about these.. and sorry if it was to long/not needed or what ever. but if you guys could lend some help from your experience i would be very greatfull.. also if you guys could point me to a DIY/How to change your oil on these guys that would be great.

    thanks alot you guys

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    Sorry for your troubles. The Polaris MSX 110 and 150 are the only two models with the Weber 750 twin cyl 4-stroke turbo engine. And they were only ever produced for model year 2004. So needless to say, there aren't many of them. Also, being Polaris' first (and last) 4-stoke pwc, they never got to work out the "bugs" that inevitably show up in first model year runs. That said, there are some knowledgeable folks here for these skis but they don't check in daily.

    I too am in the same boat. I got a good deal on an '04 MSX 150... that also has "issues". Previous owner traded it in out of frustration.

    You are in a good position. You have 2 skis to share parts and such between to figure out the issues.

    Start here at the Polaris knowledge website:
    and see the MSX 110/150 subsection link.

    There is good info there... study it. There is also very important info about proper oil levels and oil changing... and the troubles when these skis get rolled.

    Good luck!

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