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    let wave venture idle while being towed?

    Would this work to help keep water out of the engine while it's being towed? Just curious.

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    just out of curiosity, why would it be getting towed if it was running? On a side note, ive towed many broken down, nonrunning skis with out any problems of gaskets popping. Are the waveventures more prone to this issue? the only way i would see towing it back with the engine running would be if the pump/pto blew up, but in that case running it would only do the same thing as not running it because the pump would not be building preassure. If you have to be towed, just go slow and you shouldnt have issues.

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    just clamp off the bildge scavange line as its usually the culprit to hull filling..
    on the 500, yami had lines teatherd high, up into the hull to stop this action ..remember to remove it after!!!

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    there is no nutral on the jetskies is liek you are pushing a bike at the first gear , engine will move while its turned off
    this is not good for engine
    the force of the watre into the grate are pushing the prob to move
    thus try not tow these jet at the watre , some will say the prob is locked while engine is turned off , its true but there is a side defect which i face in the old days with these type of skies when we used to pull them to the island to have fun as they don have much fuel tank to take us there

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    You'd have to be towing awfully darned fast for the pump to end up turning over the engine against compression.

    The main issue with towing is water being forced through the cooling system. Since the system is open loop inside the exhaust this can only happen so long before the exhaust completely fills with water and the water hits the engine internally.

    Towing with the engine running would alleviate a lot of this issue for sure - I'd agressively burp the throttle routinely though to force water out of the exhaust.

    As others have asked I'd be curious to know what sequence of events would lead to a tow requirement while the engine remains functional, though.

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    If your really worried about its finding its way into the engine/hull , just install closeable ballcocks, one each on the cooling line and the bildge suction.. no more worries!!!, 'cept if you don't remember to open them later!!!

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