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    Exclamation 00 Millenium RXDI 951 NEED HELP PLEASE

    I was wondering if anyone has had this same problem with their ski.
    From a fresh start after the ski has been sitting for a day or so, I load it into the water and the ski will start right up and run fine.
    It will run fine for about 20 minutes to 45 minutes and then shut down.
    The seadoo will crank over and start about every 30 seconds and will shut off as soon as you go to take off.
    Is there anything that you guys know of that could be causing this to happen?
    Thanks for any input. Over and hour to get to any Seadoo dealers.

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    If i knew,...I wouldn't ask sea-one's Avatar
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    Honestly in my opion, its needs the BUDS plugged in to see whats wrong, anything else would be a guess.

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    Sea-One I appreciate the fast response!
    The guy that owned it before me brought it to a dealer here and the dealership said that it needed a new computer, So he bought a new computer and it didnt change a thing. I was kind of guessing at a fuel problem or ignition but like I said I'm clueless. Maybe I should travel to another dealer that's better with PWC's
    THanks again!

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    fuel tank vent ??- crack fuel cap to test..
    fuel pump ??

    could even be electricial - heat related failure - sensor, coil etc..

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    Since I joined this site.. All I know is that if you have the grey tempo fuel lines, they need to be changed, they cause many issues they can eventually kill your engine

    I am actually in the process of doing this on my 00 gti

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