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    97-04 seadoo xp 4 stroke motor swap???

    like to hear what everyone else thing about a 4 stroke swap in a newer seadoo xp. reason for doing a stroke swap is to get away from all these new 2 stroke laws that are coming into place. is there any years that are easier to swap a 4 stroke motor into ??? is there any 4stroke motor that isnt to insane to swap into a xp??? i would like to stick with a 4 stroke seadoo motor. lets hear some info or if anyone knows of any link or build threads post them up!!!

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    It's been done before; not a good idea. Search on Youtube for a 4-TEC XPL. I have owned both the 97 XP with the 787 and a 2002 XPL with the 951, and always felt that the extra weight of the 951 screwed up the handling of that ski. A 4-TEC would be unmanageable in that ski; it would be nose heavy and handle horribly.

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    ive seen a few xpl with the 4tec but my biggest thing is that i want the motor to remain inside the hull ... most 4 tec swap ive seen the hull it all cut up on the top leaving the motor exposed

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    ive heard of people making ths s/c 4tec N/A is it hard would it still fit in the hull with out extensiveness cutting???

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