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    virage i / cutting out

    Virage i has bad water leak under exhaust manifold at connector that supplies water to ficht computer. now its cutting out badly-checked fuel pressure, voltage at injectors, installed selenoid resistor, fresh plugs, compression fine. what happens if computer overheats would it cause it to run with bad miss- if i can keep it running?

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    Welcome to the Hulk. Yes, if the cooling line to the EMM if leaking as you say it can cause damage to it and cause it to malfunction. Dont run it that way. The EMM is water cooled and if it isn't already damaged it will be soon. Cheers.

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    Correct spark plugs installed?

    Once you have the water leak fixed, also verify that water is indeed flowing _through_ the EMM and out the exit hose.

    A common problem is TPS failure. You can read more about common problems and fixes through my signature links below.

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