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    98 xp ltd

    I'm currently looking into buyiing a xp ltd 98 model looks fairly clean but the only bad part is it needs a top end rebuild he told me he would let it go for a grand how much money would I have to sink into it to get it up and running also are they very fun to ride I currently ride and 08 rxp I just want something I can cut up on and jump easily

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    Im buying one friday with a blown motor for 400. So a grand, hmmm idk. This is my first post, but if u know how to do the work yourself, it shouldnt cost over 500. And yes, they are a blast to ride, but not nearly as stable as the newer skiis at low speeds. This ski will dump u quickly.


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    i would figure a complete motor from -

    And deduct it and your labor from book value of the ski..

    A 98 ski without a working motor is just parts and has no real value, except parts..

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    Look hard for a hole in the motor cases. Most people wont tell you about it and If you catch it. They will give you a song and dance about how they dint known it was there. It should only cost about $150 to have it fix if it small.

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    An XPL is not a good jumping ski, one of the worst in fact. It carves really good, goes thru chop better than the earlier XP models. Not very nimble, pretty unstable, especially at low speeds, docking, etc. Really front end heavy. About the only thing good about it is slalom type turns.

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