so i got the motor in 07, put it together never did anything with it basically. dropped it into a gpr hull last summer trying to get it going ran out of time and money so i start tinkering with it again now. i cant get the motor to turn at all even connected the battery to the starter nothing. remove the motor break it all the down i didnt have any oil in it yet since it wasnt done and when i pulled the front magneto cover off some water came out. i probably had 12-16oz of water not dirty, not rusty. so i pulled the whole motor apart cleaned everything its spotless now some rust on the flywheel and magneto. pistons move fine in the cylinders crank looks like new so do the rings and cylinder walls. piston rings are perfectly in position i put some oil on top of the pistons and after 3 hours none went down so i know im good. all in the little bit of water is nothing id even worry about generally but im not sure if the water frooze and distroter something!!!!. the plane bearings have light scratch marks but dont feel anything, no rough spots
now heres my problem i torque the the connecting rods down on the crank and i put the lower case on i cant get the crank to spin its very hard finally get it to move and it losens up everything is oiled excessively with synthetic. so now it spins not as easy as it should but it is moving if i stop for 10 minutes its hard as hell to spin again. so i worked it for 5 minutes and now its nicey nice, torque the lower case hit the starter motor on a weak battery and it spins woowhoo right! about 3 hours later i get the head on timed it perfectly and i cant get it to move again and the battery is charged now and nothing i dont want to burn my new high torque starter out....
any idea's do i have a serious problem????? or is it due to no oil?
i rebuilt my 2002 celica gt 4 cylinder which was the same size and i was able to spin the motor pretty easily!