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    99 slth 700 setting timing

    Can someone give me some step by step instruction to set timing on this ski. I assume it is done out of water. Positive and negative cables attached to the battery, then the spark plug cable to one of the spark plugs. Not sure which plug to attach that cable to. So help there. Then Where is what I would look at to check the timing mark? And no distributor so what do I do to adjust the timing? Do RPM's need to be at a certain number?
    Its a 99 polaris slth 700 red engine.

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    #1 clyinder is the front one. On top of the flywheel cover is a plug,the timing marks are under it, But not like you think on a car. My first question is,why are you worried about it? Unless the flywheel has been off and played with,the timing should be fine from the factory. To change timing basiclly you have to have the flywheel cover off, or are able to change just a few degrees with a Polaris electrical tool, which few have.

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    I replaced the ignition kit with update. And from what I have been reading several people have had the same issue. Which is I can only get about slightly over 3000 rpm. One guy said he had to turn the magnet almost all the way to the right. And mine is way the other way. Plus with the old ignition kit I could get way better top end. It was just totally unprdictable.
    I still need the timing spec for the new ignition parts, 2000 gen III.

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    18 +/-2 degrees at 3k rpm Rotate the magnet to the right almost all the way. May take a few tries.

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    thanks for the timing info. I will check it tonight with a timing gun. If I remember correctly the magnet is turned way in the other direction. And I have read a few posts that say it needs to be turned clockwise to almost the end of the adjustment. So hopefully I can take a read and see how far off I am and turn the magnet to the spot.

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    Another data point from another who had to make a large timing adjustment after CDI installation on a 700/single carb motor. Like ghostinstallations, I had to move the magnet holder almost all the way to the right........the starting point however was the original factory set point with the magnet holder centered. You're saying your magnet holder is well to the left (retarded) side......may make a difference as to where your set point actually ends up.

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    I will look again tonight and let you know in the a.m. where it exactly was positioned. Maybe I can even get a picture. That would be great info for others as well. I just seem to remember there is lots of room to move it in a clockwise motion. Everything looks to be in good shape when I did have the flywheel from hell off. I will check my starting point and see if I can get close without having to take the flywheel cover off to many times. I was thinking that I would make a magnet adjustment then put in three or four flywheel cover bolts and recheck.

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    I just lived through this on my '98 SLTH 700. The flywheel needs to be turned all the way (in my case) counterclockwise to achieve 18 degrees of timing. The screws that you will loosen need to be all the way to the right of the adjustment holes.

    Before changing to the update kit, the adjustment screws were almost all the way to the left of the adjustment holes.

    After doing this, I checked the timing with my timing light and it is dead on 18 degrees. The ski runs great now. Good luck with your timing. It is worth the pain when you have it screaming across the water again!


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    These are sure some testy machines. Your message gives me incouragement as I feel Ive been chasing my tail. Fix one thing and have something else happen. But I guess thats what you get when you buy used, its the risk. You never really know what all has been done to it in the past.

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    Well I changed the timing with the magnet turned all the way to the right. The timing gun I brought with me did not work so good, so Im bringing a snap on gun out tonight. I was able to ride a little got it up to just over 6000 rpm. maybe 40 mph. Not quite there yet. I still had to find the sweet spot with the choke to get it to rev up. I have not been able to figure out how to do the pop off carb test. The manual does not show me what fuel hose to remove to do this test. So any help there would be great. I just feel that With the new ignition update that the rest of my issues are fuel related. Fuel line all replaced, check valves replaced, carbs rebuilt, new fuel shut off. Any ideas????

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