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    1999 Polaris Genesis fuel issue, Please help.

    I bought my neighbors 1999 Polaris Genesis skis. One ran great the other had a messed up carb… it would race at start and just kept increasing rpm. I tried cleaning the carb and then gave-up and bought a new carb. I installed the new carb and rode the ski 2-3 hours and everything worked great. Then I took it out the next day, road it 15min to a marina and filled the tank. Road it for about 45min and flew back to the ramp. When I slowed up at the ramp, the ski would bog when I gave it gas. She starts fine and runs at a very low rpm but bogs as soon as you give it some fuel. I cleaned out the filter and also swapped out the fuel pickup with my other ski and it's still the same. Fully charged battery too. Any idea where to start??? Thanks, Ed

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    Pull the flame arrestor and make sure the accelerator pump/jets are working. You may have junk in the gas tank that worked its way in to the carbs and clogged them up.

    I had a similar problem when the line from the accel. pump the the jets came off. The ski would bog out of the hole but ran fine once up to speed.

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