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    Draining factory Catch Can, how to?????

    Sorry guys, noob here and have a question on my 2011 ultra 300LX. I have read that the catch can should be drained after each ride. I have tried to find it using the search function but can not find anything. What is the recommended proceedure to draining the factory catch can after each ride?

    Thanks for the help.

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    It drains itself back to the engine.

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    So no maintanence needed???

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    None at all. Just make sure the hoses are well secured as to not leak and get any oil on the SC belt and that is it.

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    What you need to be MORE concerned about is periodic check/cleaning of the intercooler.
    If the oil comes into the catch can at a faster rate than the rate that it can drain back into the engine (in other words, more coming in than going out), the excess oil would overflow into the air intake/intercooler.
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    Thanks guys!!

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