Hello everyone I'm new here! I have been boating for years but have never owned a PWC. I am used to riding a friend's mid 90's sea-doo xp and yamaha 700cc class ski's.

I found a 2003 FX140 cruiser with 230 hours on it. It is in really good condition, and I got the guy down to 3700 over the phone, but think I could do 3600 in person. (with trailer)

1. Is that a good price for this model/age?

2. Is 230 hours a lot on a 4-stroke motor, how long can they go before rebuild if not used WOT all the time?

3. Are these 998cc M1 motors reliable with the 10k redline?

4. What does it handle like compared to a 700cc 2 stroke, I usually ride in bays and go out into the Gulf where it can be 3-5 ft waves (jumping them is the best part!)

I couldn't really find much on the fx140 on this forum, I do know it was the "first" four stroke ski made, is a regarded as a good quality ski?

Thanks I really appreciate the help.

btw I found these links on it