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    FZR 10 hour maintenance greasing help!

    I did my 10 hour oil change today and went to do the greasing. It was VERY hard to pump in. I am worried that the dealer might have done it before they sold it for some reason. I think I got like 5 pumps. It was hard to pump but it didn't really feel like it was getting harder as I went. Is it normal for it to resist that much?

    I am paranoid that it may have already been done. I cant ask the dealer because the ski is old new stock and I bought it in the off season. I doubt they would know.

    Is there a way to tell if its been greased already? Should I just keep greasing till it comes out the top, or will that hurt something?

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: called the dealer anyway, guy didn't sound like he knew a whole lot about it. He told me that the "usual" practice is to grease fittings before sale (and he quoted me the amount that the manual says for the 10 hours). But he didn't seem to know that they aren't usually greased until 10 hours. He said to put the 7cc in as if its the yearly maintenance (is that right? i know the manual says that but I seem to remember hearing otherwise on here).

    So I dunno what to do... Throw in the 7cc and hope they DID in fact grease it too early. Or if it doesnt hurt the ski go ahead and do the whole amount as it says in the service manual.

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    You are talking about greasing the intermediate housing I assume (the grease nipple next to the flush connector). You could have just felt the tube to see if there was grease in it. Using too much grease can be bad because it can cause too much pressure, which causes the seal on the intermediate housing to blow out which will eventually let water in. Since you said you only got 5 pumps with a lot of resistance it sounds like there was already grease in there.

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    That is a good point. 5 pumps is not very much. I could be wrong, but I don't think that is even enough to reach the housing unless the aperture of the hose is very small. I will check that and see what I see.

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