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    Fx 140 price ? might buy tomorrow, need help

    I have the opportunity to buy a 2003 fx 140 cruiser with 230 hours for 3700 dollars tomorrow. it's in really good condition with the trailer, is that a decent price?

    1. is 230 hours a lot for a 4 stroke jet ski?

    2. is there anything in specific I should check for besides cavitation and the ability to reach 10,000 rpm? I search the form but couldn't find too much about the fx 140

    3. this would be my first pwc how much is the fx 140 considered pretty reliable is a good engine?


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    I am also a newbie to this PWC, I bough a 2007 Fx160 with 35 hr on, payed alot more when converting it back to dollars.

    Those engines are based on the R1 motor, on those hr, check for compression, I would check for valve clearance aswell.

    Fresh oil, filter, spark, good to go.. As from what I have read, these engines are very strong.

    Hope it works out for u

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    thanks for the reply. The more research I do, I feel like even 3500 is too much when I see what others have paid. I'm really not sure what to do. I am planning on doing a compression test and buying a compression gauge at an autoparts store before I test ride it. Anything special I need to know, I've never done a compression check before but just watched a youtube video ha. Valves might be a bit out of my league unless its just taking the motor cover off and checking with a feeler gauge?

    any other replies would be great.

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    I'm currently selling an fx140 with just only 172 hrs second owner perfect condition.
    here it's

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