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    2003 XP DI Speed Sensor

    I have an 2003 951 XP-DI that has speedometer issues. Both the digital and regular speedometer jump all over the place while I'm riding at higher speeds. It's a little less jumpy at slower speeds, but still has issues.

    First question would be, does this sound like an issue with the speed sensor itself? If so, is there a way to test the sensor to verify it is faulty?

    Second question, what years and models have interchangeable sensors with an 03 XP-DI? New sensors are over $150, so I would like to search for a functional used one at a more affordable price.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    just set the display to RPM, that is all that matters anyway, the speedo on seadoos is innaccurate anyway.
    use a gps.
    your rpms should be 6750 - 6850.
    speed on gps should be 60-62 mph.

    speedo on the ski probably reads like 64-66 totally innacurate.
    i dont know for a fact but i am sure many skis use similar speedo parts, check the microfiche, but if it were me i wouldnt bother.

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