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Thread: break-in period

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    break-in period

    can anybody tell me what is a good break-in period for a top-end rebuild on a gp1200 ski should be?how many hours should i run before i do a full throttle run?

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    I broke mine in using approximately full tank of gas. It is recommended that use extra oil during break in. If you're using the oil injection still then you can add oil to the gas to get the extra oil needed. mix it approx 50:1.
    If you have the oil injection blocked off then run premix at 32:1.
    Don't go over 3/4 throttle until break in is completed and you've refilled the tank.

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    8 I found sbt's break in method to be very good,only advice I would add to that is after every time u run it during break-in to pull the plugs and make sure you are getting proper fuel in the cylinders especially if you had to replace your top end cause of an engine failure,you wouldn't want to trash a brand new top end.I had that happen,luckily I caught the prob early enough to prevent another cylinder failure,but I ended up scoring a cyl and ruined the rings

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