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    Kawasaki jet ski recall

    Just found this.

    Not sure if it was posted before. This was an article in a consumer site in Australia

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    Yes it has been posted back when it came out. Thank you for posting it up though to be sure everyone is aware. I have not persoanlly heard of any skis actually affected by this but glad to see Kawasaki willing to take care of this through a recall no matter how few skis were directly related to this issue. It is best to still get the dealer to check it out though. Lets me know that if they find a real large scale problem they will address it.

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    As far as I know the typical "initital" symptom would be sticking streeing feeling. When you turn the handlebar, it feels like there is some drag in the middle somewhere. If you continue to ride like that, the steering cable can break - no steering, no bueno. Not all 2010-2012 skis are affected (5F, Ultras, LX). Only few are and if yours is, you should have gotten a letter or two from Kawi already. If you want to make sure if your ski is affected or not, call Kawi (949-770-0400) and give your complete HIN. They will let you know in seconds. This repair is 100% covered by Kawi whether your ski is in or out of warranty.

    What dealer will do?
    There are 2 scenarios.
    1. Inspection only - Dealer will look for evidence or sign of damage where the break would occur. (The damage had occurred some time some where before you got the ski). If there is no such sign, dealer will NOT replace it because your cable is fine.
    2. Replacement - If dealer finds the sign of the damage, they will install a new cable (it's the same P/N but just new and no damage).

    Hope above info helps.

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