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Thread: GH Thanks!

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    GH Thanks!

    Gotta say thanks again to all GH members who offer great deals on parts and excellent repair knowledge!

    My 89 bayliner recently lost 2 cylinders. Turns out the flywheel decided to shed a couple pieces of metal which were wedged between the stator and flywheel magnets wearing a groove in the magnets and separating them from the flywheel. At the end of the day I had to replace the flywheel with a used one and picked up a new stator to the tune of $300 total parts only, a little more than I was expecting since I have several Polaris flywheels and stators laying around....

    Thanks to the knowledge I have picked up here working on skis, I was able to repair the bayliner motor as well....

    Thanks again!!!

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    Not that I should have to fix anything besides a ski but I can't agree more. If only I could get hubby to set down and learn what I have.

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