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    Question 96 Polaris SLT 780 Bildge Pump Question?

    Good morning everyone. So I have a 96 SLT 780 and am wondering if the Bilge Pump is working or not. I'm don't usually work on this myself as I have a normal mechanice who does all my work for the most part but wanted to troubleshoot this myself. After every ride I have some water in the bottom of the ski and some on the side of the bilge. But while running I have see anything coming out the back. How high does the water have to get for it to kick on? How can I test it as well on land.

    Thanks in advance


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    been there!

    The pump is running ALL of the time the ski is running. Mine starts running (96 SL 780) as soon as you start cranking it. After replacing the pump with the Rule 360 for $18 or so off Amazon I discovered a leak. Water was coming in from a quick connect fitting for the aftermarket flush attacment (that I had never used). There is a 3amp AGW OR AWG short fuse in the E-Box that NAPA can get for you as your old pump stands a good chance of being locked up.(and the fuse blown)
    If you replace your bilge pump with the same one that comes out you wont even have to mess with the mounting. Just snap it in.
    Put a hose in the ski or pull the main plug and let some water from the lake in (it fills FAST) and start it up. That will let you know if its working. If its a Rule you can just pop the pump out after depressing a couple of tabs. Then you can try to spin the inpeller with a small screw driver to see if its locked up.
    Good luck.

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    Thanks, yes I have the Rule brand in there currently. I will test it tonight by filling it with some water in the driveway. If that doesn't work I will make sure it's not locked up and check the fuse.

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    Usually any water is way in the back when under way, not actually around the bilge pump. That's why you most likely see water inside the hull when on the trailer.

    Now, if you have a siphon tube, you'll want to make sure it's clear and working properly too.

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