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    650 waverunner 1991-95

    am buying one today, for a song. i am very mechanical, but have never worked on a ski. supposedly, it runs beautifully. i am going to test it, and run a compression check. what should the compression read? what else do i look for on this?

    thanks a lot,. i really appreciate it. thasnk aagain.


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    look for about 130-145 lbs compression if its a stock motor..(less than 10-15% of 130 , youll need to rebuild the top end) readings should be within 10% of each other ...(power balance issues)
    check the impeller for knicks and wear looking in thru the front and rear..( smooth and sharp for best performance)
    verify integrity of the plate and grate ..(broken , cracked or misalined)
    was it a salt or fresh water running ski?...(possible corrosion issues internally in the engine or exhaust if salt..)
    check your control cables for binding and their plastic housing jacket splits.. (water intrusion or lack of maintainence)
    rock the motor, checking for torn or loose motor mounts...(alinement issues with output shaft)
    check coupling shaft for play and or binding..(puck could be broken)...
    check the plate and grate (underneath) for missing or broken bolts..(corrosion ar lost)
    check engine as best you can for any bolts missing or broken.. and any water leaks from the engine or exhaust while running ..(sign you need to do further work )
    verify that the ID code on the hull matches the title (been there, its not easy to get this fixed)...
    this is just a short list of what could be bad on a 20+year old ski...
    get yourself an O/E service manual... alot can be learned from it!!

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    Those are some great tips! One these things supposed to come with a title?? I bought 2 of them (1988 models) and did not recieve a title with each one. They were bought from 2 different people and neither expressed concern about a title. I didn't know skis had them. Is this a big problem?

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    Not in GA. Depends on the state.

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    new jersey requires a notorized bill of sale and old reg

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