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    How many turns factory settings on Low and High 657X 38's

    How many turns is the low speed and high speed adjusters from full seat from the factory on a 1995 657X dual 38 carbs??

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    Spx - ls 1 1/8 hs 0
    gtx ls 1 1/4 hs 1/4

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    Thank you!

    I had my carbs cleaned (disassembled) and cleaned and I believe the adjustments are out of wack. When you get it more than 1/8 (maybe a little less) and more, it loads up and bogs down and will die if you do not let off. Does it sound like the adjusters need adjusting?

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    Not sure I understand your question - 1/8th throttle or more??

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    correct, sorry for not being more clear. when I give it 1/8 throttle and more, it loads up and bogs bad and will die if you do not let off the throttle. At times you can smell fuel from the exhaust as well.

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    once in a while after playing with it, it will jump really quick then load up (bogs and smell fuel) then die if you do not let off soon enough...

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    the low speed screws are needle pointed and the high speed screws are more rounded... Did you remove or install the o-rings on the screws.. at 1/8 throttle you are mostly on the slow jet..

    there can be many issues for excessive fuel..

    Loose or missing jet

    Leaking needle and seat..

    low pop off pressure..

    fuel lever adjustment..

    wrong jets..

    Bad check valve..

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    Thanks... does anyone have all the factory settings for a SPX, 657X dual 38's. Pop off, jet sizes, fuel lever adjustment?

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    Main Jet = 135
    Pilot Jet = 72.5
    Needle / Seat = 2.0
    Pop-Off PSI = 22-37 (80gr spring = 21 psi) (95gr spring = 25 psi) (115gr spring = 32 psi)
    LS Screw = 1 1/8
    HS Screw = 0

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