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    Replacing my Tires and Wheels.... Tire questions

    It started with, I need a spare tire and I wanted to dress up my trailer a little as well.... so now I am replacing my Shorelandr's Carlisle tires/stock wheels with some HiSpec Series 07 aluminum wheels and I think I am going to replace the tires as well. What do you guys think of Loadstar tires? I have found the wheels and tires on Recstuff, I figured by the time I mount my old tires to my new wheels locally it wouldn't be all that much more to just have new tires installed them at recstuff and shipped, shipping is super cheap since I am so close to recsuff's warehouse and 5% off.

    Also is load range C good for my 2 place trailer? Carlisle VS Loadstar, any opinions? I did have a 12" Carlisle in great shape with 1000 miles max blow out on me on my old trailer.

    I would then craigslist my original tires and wheels and re-coop some of the cost, the tires have MAYBE 200 miles on them. Probably easier to move a tire/wheel combo as compared to a rim only.

    Anyone else done something similar?

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    If you can get them in your required size, Maxxis makes the absolute best and most highly regarded trailer tires out there.

    As you discovered, the chinese Carlisle tires are absolute garbage. So many RV'ers have issues with them that many pull them off and toss em in the landfill immediately after rolling a new RV off the lot. Sad, but true. It's interesting to see that even in PWC trailer applications, where the loads are but a fraction of a travel trailer, the problems are the same.

    The Loadstar tire brand is also made in China. There seems to be less info out there vs the Carlisles, but there are still stories of them blowing up prematurely, so I'd not rush to them either.

    IMHO tires are somewhere you don't want to skimp - a blowout on a PWC trailer will surely take your plastic fender along with it and has the potential to trash the side of your ski if the body of the tire goes for a wild ride at speed before letting go onto the highway.

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